The River Foyle is a river in the North West of Ireland which flows from County Donegal in the Republic of Ireland across the border and through Tyrone and County Londonderry where, at the City of Londonderry it empties into Lough Foyle and thence the Atlantic Ocean.

The rivers Finn and Mourne meet at the towns of Lifford in County Donegal, Republic of Ireland, and Strabane in County Tyrone and thereafter together form the Foyle. From here the River Foyle flows to the City of Londonderry, where it discharges into Lough Foyle and, ultimately, the Atlantic Ocean.

The river separates part of County Donegal from parts of both County Londonderry and County Tyrone. The district of County Donegal that borders the western bank of the River Foyle is traditionally known as the Laggan. This district includes the villages of St Johnston and Carrigans, both of which are nestled on the banks of the river.

A range of noteworthy fish species have been recorded for the Lough Foyle estuary and the lower reaches of some of its tributary rivers. These include Allis shad, Twait shad, smelt and sea lamprey, all of which are Irish Red Data Book species. Important populations of Atlantic salmon migrate through the system to and from their spawning grounds. At The Oaks Fishery we provide one to one guides to help you plan your trip.


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